intelligent automation to help youStay on Track


Track & Track Bed Inspection
Railscout autonomously inspects track for track geometry, rail defects, washouts, ties, clips, and ballast.

Surveys & Mapping
Railscout enables automatic comprehensive right of way surveys, network mapping, and asset identification.

Heat Patrol
During seasons with extreme temperature changes, detect track warp by deploying Railscout to conduct heat patrols autonomously.

Weed Control
Equipped with a 500 gal. spray rig, Railscout automates herbicide spraying to remove vegetation from your maintenance of way.

Materials Delivery
With a 3,000 lb payload capacity, Railscout can autonomously deliver materials and tools to worksites.

Rail Lubrication
Railscout automates rail lubrication and friction management thereby ensuring the quality of rail infrastructure.

As a FRONTRUNNERĀ®, Railscout travels in front of a train and inspects for defects and obstacles that could cause a derailment. If such a condition is detected, Railscout will communicate with the train and inform the conductor to stop or reduce speed.

PTC Integrity Monitoring
Interoperable with PTC, Railscout can monitor signal integrity in addition to being a node on your PTC network for safety.

Sensor Integration
Railscout intelligently integrates data from multiple sensors to derive synthesized information to facilitate maintenance and inspection decisions.

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