Command & control
Set specific tasks and control Railscout anywhere on the network through remote control, teleop, or full automation.

By automating routine inspection and maintenance tasks, Railscout maximizes throughput, increases economies of scale, and accurately identifies flaws and defects.

Through frequent inspections, Railscout collects accurate track data and assigns alert levels to help railroads prioritize maintenance tasks.

User Friendly
The simple interface facilitates real-time communication and control between operator and vehicle thereby providing for maximized collaboration.



Localization & Mapping
Dead reckoning algorithms compute distance traveled and compare the results to an onboard map, GPS position, and control beacons to establish a reliable position. With this, the operator always knows Railscout's precise location.

Navigates Crossings
Precise localization enables Railscout to safely detect and navigate controlled and uncontrolled grade crossings. Prior to entering a crossing, Railscout will slow down and initiate visual and audible warning devices, which remain activated until Railscout has cleared the island circuit.



Safety Standards
Obstacle detection sensors and software enable Railscout to slow down to a safe stopping point when an obstacle is detected and await operator intervention. In the event Railscout leaves a safety zone, the operator can initiate an emergency override to immediately stop the vehicle.

The future is on track.